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The Art of Peace project is a global project which is meant to be a peaceful message to all nations around the world. In arrangement of this music, a main instrument from each continent is chosen such as Carnyx from Europe with over 3000 years of antiquity which is not a well-known instrument around the world. The goal of this project is not only to show and remind the global peace, but also to show and introduce these instruments to the world.The orchestral performance of this music is accompanied with a painting art piece from two different paintings in a certain style and it will be such performance art in which the audience is involved in some ways. Several musicians from all around the world, also will be playing at their places so as to remind the message : "stay at home".The arrangement of this music has been carried out by the project manager, Mr. Mehran Alirezaei ( a member of the board of art academy of Khajeh Nasir university business school) The "P.A.C.O" International Orchestra is proud to present this global project in collaboration with the Academy of Arts of Khajeh Nasir university business school (Iran's first university with over 100 years of experience and reputation) on the occasion of World Peace Day


Various elements have been used in the design of this logo. The design of the bird is derived from the bird of peace, which is designed (the Musical G key)


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